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About Our Company

About NSPS Metals

A Joint Venture Between Two Successful Organizations

“ We have well regulated, ISO certified procedures
to guarantee we fulfill correct, complete, and
consistently above expectation services."
ISO 9001:2015

The joint venture will spark innovation and maximize the talent, resources, and assets of NSTA and Pacesetter while driving efficiency in procurement, marketing, supply chains, and operations.


The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two organizations respective strengths. NSTA will provide certain assets, technical expertise and substantial resources from their global (worldwide) relationships. NSTA’s international relationships will provide the joint venture with many unique opportunities. Pacesetter will provide several of its talented associates, equipment and other assets, its strong customer relationships and its service center operational expertise. Pacesetter’s People are its true advantage and their ability to provide measurable value to its customers is a key part of how it creates The Ultimate Customer Experience. For many years, both companies have forged OEM, Fabricator, and Trading Company relationships in which NSTA will provide its international reputation and Pacesetter will provide its over forty years of impeccable service to major corporations throughout the United States. “The relationship with NSTA represents a powerful opportunity for Pacesetter to significantly expand our market presence and our product offerings. I am excited to see everything this partnership will bring as we embark on our new future together,” stated Aviva Leebow Wolmer, Pacesetter CEO.


Yoshiharu Tsurumi, President and CEO of NSTA said: “NSTA has been serving the U.S. metals market for more than 60 years and is looking forward to strengthening our position in the U.S. market via this partnership with Pacesetter. NSTA’s goal is to continue to grow in the ever changing and challenging U.S. market by providing value added services to customers in the Southwestern market utilizing the synergies this joint venture creates. We are excited to join with the talented Pacesetter associates and their strong management team.”

NSPS Metals has strategically built a team of employees with extensive and diverse knowledge, experience, and skills that complement each other. We hire the best in the business

Justin Philipp - COO
What we do

Best In The Industry

Our Mission

To be a premier leader in the metals industry by providing superior product quality, being an invaluable supply chain partner, and creating valuable solutions with our exceptional customer service.

Our Values

We provide quality that is a cut above the rest of the industry with unsurpassed care for customer products and the ability to meet tight tolerance specifications.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, we maintain standards and evaluations on supplier performance and capabilities to ensure end-use customers experience premium quality.

We are proactive in preparing for and overcoming any obstacles that arise with quick communication, informed decision-making, and focused action. We operate with transparency and integrity, while holding ourselves to the highest level of standards and fiscal responsibility.

Our History


New Houston Service Facility has Opened Its Doors

September 2020, the doors to the new 130,000 sq ft capacity Houston Service Facility has opened.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

November 29, 2018. Nippon Steel Trading Americas, Inc. (NSTA) and Pacesetter announced a strategic partnership to build a new world class Service Center facility in Houston, TX. This will strengthen NSTA's and Pacesetter's position in the Southwestern United States and Mexico, seen as key high growth markets.

Pacesetter was Founded

In 1977, former CEO Steve Leebow founded Pacesetter Steel Service, Inc.

Four Companies Founded What is to Become NSTA Steel

Our origin in the steel trading industry can be traced back to 1893, founded by four companies.

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