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Products and Services




Steel substrate and a 99% zinc coating.
Need it UL Certified? We do that too!

Cold Rolled

Typically supplied annealed and temper passed.



90% zinc and 10% iron.



Type 1 aluminized has a coating of approximately 84%.
Type 2 aluminized has a coating of commercially pure aluminum.


Stainless steels are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium.
Alloying elements enhance formability, strength and cryogenic toughness.

Galvanized Bonderized

Zinc phosphate treated galvanized steel.
Inhibits corrosion and promotes paint adherence.

Processing Services


We provide high-speed precision steel coil slitting with full loop capabilities and a combination of drag pad and roll tension stands to provide a camber-free product. Coil slitting prior to metal forming economically cuts high volumes of steel to precise widths within +/- 0.005″. Our slitters are equipped with packing lines for quick banding and packaging of finished products. Each slitter is capable of applying protective film (strippable) and oiling.


Precision blanking equipment produces blanks with tolerances of +/- .005” for width and +/- 0.015″ for length, as well as equipped corrective levelers that elongate the material beyond its yield point in order to remove residual stresses and produce panel flat blanks. Our blanking lines are designed to process surface critical material; additionally, each line is capable of applying protective film (strippable) and oiling.


We provide precision cut-to-length equipment boasting length tolerances within +/- 0.015″ for dry and +/- 0.031″ for oiled steel. Precision corrective levelers elongate the material beyond its yield point, remove internal stresses, and produce a panel flat sheet. We can produce processing-painted and surface-critical sheets, and each line is capable of applying protective film (strippable) and oiling.

Toll Processing

NSPS Metals dedicates a portion of its line time to process steel and other material for customers who own their own materials. NSPS Metals can fulfill slitting, cut-to-length and blanking needs of customer-owned material at all of our locations in Atlanta, Chicago and Houston.
Mills, end users, and other steel distributors have leveraged our processing efficiencies to add value and lower costs in their supply chain. Contact us to learn more about how your company can benefit from our high-speed precision capabilities, quick turn-around time and blind shipments.


NSPS offers pre-painted steel ready for fabrication, eliminating the customer’s burden of additional post-paint processing. The finished product is uniform in color, gloss, texture and thickness with formability requirements to ensure it can be roll formed, bent, or stamped. We work closely with paint coaters and paint suppliers who have advanced knowledge of paint standards for industries such as construction, automotive, HVAC, appliances, decorative, etc.